August 26th, 2008

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Affiliate requests

If you would like to affiliate with je_battle, leave a comment here with the name and theme of your community.

EXAMPLE: je_battle // johnny's entertainment battle-style lims

We will affiliate with anyone! We love all communities!

We will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. We will be adding your community to the userinfo.

Thank you!
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Skip information post

This is the list of contestants with their number of skips remaining for the current round.

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The skip post will be updated after voting is posted for each challenge, but we advise you to keep track of your own skips in case this is not up to date.

Each contestant is given one skip standard, but you may earn additional skips by promoting this community prior to the end of sign-ups; please see this linked post for more information.

Skips cannot be used for the first challenge of a round, or for the last few challenge of a round. We will inform you if you are allowed to use a skip in any challenge. If your skip count reaches zero and you fail to submit an icon, you will be disqualified from the round, and therefore unable to enter the Comeback Challenge.

If you have a question or problem regarding your skips, please comment here!
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Promotions post

Here are some promotional graphics you can use to promote the community! Please feel free to use the pre-coded HTML or BBCode.

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Promoting this icontest will earn you one additional skip for each promotion. If you would like to donate additional graphics, please comment to this post with a link to the graphic; you will earn one additional skip per graphic, up to the maximum.

When you promote the icontest, please comment here with a link to or a screencap of the promotion, as well as the name of the idol you have signed up as. If your promotion is in a locked post, please give us a screencap so we can verify it! Otherwise unlock the post! Upon receipt of the comment, your skip(s) will be added to the skip post. Promotion will earn skips only while sign-ups are open, though we appreciate promotion at any time! The maximum additional number of skips you are able to earn per round is one (1).

Affiliation is not necessarily promotion; you must promote somewhere in your affiliated community for promotion credit. If you would like to affiliate, please go HERE.

Promotion graphics by 0387, bobbylyn_n, denwa, elsaaaaa, mem_mu, junpi, kaos_felida, koimei, mynamelessname, omfgerbear, stellazeee, stepanie, and xenylamine, as well as other community members who will not be credited quite yet, to preserve anonymity. If you made a graphic in a previous Round and are not credited, let me know! BBCode thanks to mihakken.

Thank you!
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Round #001: Sign-ups

for Round #001 of JE BATTLE

Comment to this post if you would like to sign up to participate in Round #001 of je_battle! Signups are closed!

The Johnny's idol you choose will be the idol who represents you during anonymous participation. Your LiveJournal name will only be revealed by the moderators at the end of the entire Round. You do not have to limit your icon making to your chosen idol. This is for anonymity purposes only.

Idols will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If your first choice is already taken, you will be given your second choice. If your first and second choices have already been taken, you will be given your third choice. I will attempt to keep this post as updated as possible throughout the sign-up process.

To sign-up as a character, you must join the community, then fill out the following form with names of your first, second, and third idol choices, as well as your LJ username. Don't forget to read the rules first, and properly use the code phrase located in the rules in your comment. All comments will be screened to keep you all anonymous, so don't advertise which idol you are!

I will respond to your comment to let you know which of your idol choices you will be given. Once you have been assigned an idol, please choose an image of that idol to represent you throughout the Round, and comment back to your acceptance comment with a link to the image. Your skips total will be updated once your idol name has been added to the list of participants. Please do not delete your sign-up comments.

Remember to promote the community for extra skips! You can find more information on earning extra skips here.

LJ Name:

1st choice:
2nd choice:
3rd choice:

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The first challenge will go up mid-September. Stay tuned!