January 13th, 2009

Round #001; Challenge #12: Voting

Yesterday morning, the following email was sent by Johnny Kitagawa's office to all staff.
From: Kitagawa, Johnny
To: All staff members of Johnny's Entertainment
Subject: Round #001; Challenge #12: Voting
Dear all,
Now everyone has created a faceless graphic, and the deadline for this task has closed. All submissions have been received and we thank you all for your active participation. Yet how well this is portrayed and carried out within a 100x100 pixel square limited space may differ among the various staff members. Which of these participants have made us proud with a Shop Photo graphic? Which of these icons have managed to capture the attraction of that glossy set of pictures?
We hope that all concerned, whether or not you have submitted, will participate in the following democratic voting process. A subsequent ranking system based on the voting results will be submitted to Men's Non-no January 2008 and will be released early next week.
P.S.: Keep an eye out for such a regular voting process which will be sent to you each week! We hope to see your enthusiastic participation.
P.P.S. Koki says he'll rap about you for you if you do vote this week! ♥
XOXO, Johnny Kitagawa's office

Voting has begun for Round #001; Challenge #12! We have 3 icons out of a potential 3.

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