February 27th, 2009

je - arashi rabu!

Round #002; REMINDER!

We would like (love) to start Round #002 and post the first challenge this coming Wednesday, but we have a bit of a problem! A couple of you haven't submitted your images for my lovely co-mod to make into your representative icons! The following idols need to submit their images to the proper comment thread on the sign up post ASAP:

Ikuta Toma
Ninomiya Kazunari

ALSO, remember that we're still accepting sign-ups for the round, and we will be until the deadline for the first challenge! You can find the sign-up/registration post HERE.

Promoting helps you as well as the community! Remember to promote for extra skips! You can find your skips total HERE.

If you have any questions about the regular round, please ask them to this linked post so they stay anonymous!

Thank you, and happy icon-making!