March 4th, 2009

Round #002; Challenge #01; Submissions

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Please note;
• We will be accepting sign-ups until the deadline of the first challenge; please remember to join (and watch), then comment to the sign-up post and register for a character... and you will be free to submit your icon after that point. Please do not submit your icon until you have signed up and your character choice has been confirmed.
• You may only submit one icon for this challenge.
• Your icon must fit the theme provided.
• Your icon must conform to LiveJournal standards; 100x100 and 40 kb or less.
Do not promote your icon, and do not post, display, or otherwise use your icon anywhere on the Internet until after this Round is over and the results have been posted, or you will be disqualified from the round. This includes telling your friends about your icon. You may not reveal your character at any point until the Round is over.
• We strongly recommend that you read comments for additional clarification of the theme, guidelines and interpretation. Very often, we will answer questions posed by other contestants and our replies will be left unscreened should you have similar concerns or questions.