March 19th, 2009

je - grumpy subaru

Round #002; Challenge #01: Voting Reminder

Please do not forget to cast your vote for Challenge #01! We need every vote we can get to make this as fair as possible. You need not be a contestant in the round in order to vote! If you are a contestant, however, it would be best if you do vote in this challenge. Voting is frequently extremely close, and your vote may ultimately help prevent your own icon from being eliminated!

WE NEED MORE VOTES. I can't possibly compile results for Challenge #01 without more votes.

Please remember to carefully and objectively consider all of the icons before making your choices. Also, please make your critiques as detailed as possible. Critiques are, ideally, to help icon makers improve. The more detailed you are in your critiques, the more helpful you are. If we have to ask you to change your vote, please do so before the deadline; otherwise your vote won't be counted.

It's important that everyone votes properly for multiple reasons: it not only helps the voter to develop critical thinking skills and a better eye for icon elements (which will help their iconmaking skills, too!), but also that we would like to give everyone quality critiques, which means getting quality critiques. It isn't fair to people who put a lot of work into writing critiques if they get poorly thought-out ones back, right? If you need assistance writing better critiques, see this comprehensive voting tutorial. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

You can find the icons and voting guidelines here.

The voting post will now close at 11:00 AM EDT (-5:00 GMT) tomorrow, Thursday March 19. Results, tallies, and standings will go up as soon as possible after that.

Thank you!
je - okacchi is smextastic

Round #002; Challenge #01: Results

The ballots have been cast, the votes have been tallied, and here are the results for Round #002 Challenge #01!

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If you would like to see the comments that your icon received, respond to this post with the number of your icon and one of us will reply to your comment. You will receive both the negative critiques and the positive comments. Our replies will be screened so that no one other than the moderators will be able to see them, but they will be emailed to you as an LJ comment reply from us. If you do not receive the comment in your email, please let us know and we will email them to you directly. All icon comments and critiques will remain strictly anonymous; please do not ask who voted for your icon, because we will not tell you. Also, please note that some of the critiques are harsh, so do not ask for your critiques if you will not be able to handle criticism.

Due to the nature of this icontest, all comments to this post will be screened and will stay screened.

There are 29 idols remaining in Round #002. Only the icon makers that survived Challenge #01 may submit an icon for Challenge #02.

Thank you everyone for your participation and effort!