March 23rd, 2009

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Round #002; Challenge #02: Reminder

The following idols have not yet submitted an icon for this challenge:

Fujigaya Taisuke
Okada Junichi
Taguchi Junnosuke

If you don't remember who you are, comment to this post and I'll let you know... or go check back at the sign-up post to see. :)

You must submit your icon to the submission post by the deadline, TODAY, Monday, March 23, at 8:00 PM EDT (-5:00 GMT). You may use a skip for this challenge. If you would like to use a skip, please comment to the submission post that you would like to do so. If you do not submit an icon for this challenge, a skip will be automatically used (unless you have zero remaining skips). Please remember that in an icontest of this format, using a skip will mean you lose your ability to gain idol-points in the skipped challenge.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
je - aiba cool

Round #002; Challenge #02: Voting

Please be sure to read the voting guidelines; they have been edited for clarity.

Voting has begun for Round #002; Challenge #02! We have 24 icons out of a potential 29.

Skips used;         
Disqualified; N/A
Withdrawn; N/A

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If you have any questions, you may ask them here.

Good luck to the participants!