March 24th, 2009

je - toma in glasses

Round #002; Challenge #02: Voting Reminder

Please do not forget to cast your vote for Challenge #02! We need every vote we can get to make this as fair as possible. You need not be a contestant in the round in order to vote! If you are a contestant, however, it would be best if you do vote in this challenge. Voting is frequently extremely close, and your vote may ultimately help prevent your own icon from being eliminated!

Please remember to carefully and objectively consider all of the icons before making your choices. Also, please make your critiques as detailed as possible. Critiques are, ideally, to help icon makers improve. The more detailed you are in your critiques, the more helpful you are. If we have to ask you to change your vote, please do so before the deadline; otherwise your vote won't be counted.

It's important that everyone votes properly for multiple reasons: it not only helps the voter to develop critical skills and a better eye for icon elements, which will help their iconmaking skills, too! Most importantly, we would like to give quality critiques to iconmakers, which means getting quality critiques. It just isn't fair to iconmakers who put a lot of work into writing critiques if they get poorly thought-out critiques in return. If you need assistance writing better critiques, and to see what we expect of your votes, see this comprehensive voting tutorial. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

You can find the icons and voting guidelines here.

The voting post will close at 8:00 PM EDT (-5:00 GMT) tomorrow, Wednesday March 25. Results, tallies, and standings will go up as soon as possible after that.

Thank you!