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Round #002; Bonus Challenge: Results (Finally!)

Sorry about the delay! We had a tie and then a couple of questions we wanted to resolve before making the results official... but here they are!!

1st place:  Set 3 (by mynamelessname and denwa)



2nd place:  Set 7 (by shiyiuand ayau3)



3rd place:  Set 2 (by dthnhi and starsystems)



(numbers correspond to voting post)
#01:  starmuffin_news and joshua_glass - 5 votes
#02:  dthnhi and starsystems - 10 votes
#03:  mynamelessname and denwa - 30 votes
#04:  berniechan and medifruit - 3 votes
#05:  cinnamonstarr and elsaaaaa - 5 votes
#06:  bobbylyn_n and cariad_82 - 0 votes
#07:  shiyiu and ayau3 - 16 votes
#08:  omfgerbear and seishunlost - 9 votes

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone that participated! All places are eligible for banners; please comment if you'd like one; they will be made by stellazeee. Thanks!

Also, if you'd like to know the comments that your icon set received, please comment to this post with your set number. Comments are not set to be screened, but ALL COMMENTS WITH ICON COMMENTS WILL BE SCREENED AFTER THEY ARE GIVEN.


We're going to be starting the round shortly, but we're still accepting sign-ups for the round! You can find the sign-up/registration post HERE.

Don't forget to promote for extra skips! You can find your skips total HERE.

If you have any questions about the regular round, please ask them to this linked post so they stay anonymous!

I'll be putting up the Winners' Showcase as soon as my brain works well enough for the non-drop-in content. >_> Don't kill me. ♥
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