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Round #002; Challenge #12; Submissions

FINAL CHALLENGE. :D Good luck with this you two it's been a great round! Challenge this time is a little unorthodox and yes something I haven't tried in any of the past challenges or actually seen in the LIMS I've participated in so I hope it makes some sense.



For this challenge, you only have a single theme option in three parts, all three parts have to be complete (i.e. you will have to submit three icons). Voters will the vote for their favourite icons of each challenge to determine the final winner. Depending on your interpretation of this theme, you may make your icon accordingly.

›› The first theme is essentially a free for all with only one requirement - a maximum of 50% of the icon is allowed to contain an image, and the remaining 50% or above has to be a solid single mono-colour. Examples of this by gyaku: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

›› You will have to make an icon with two JE boys in the icon, both with their eyes not in the icon. You may choose to merely blank out their eyes or a crop from the nose and below.
›› Your icon will have to feature the word "away" using this image set on "multiply" above the base image (you can resize and modify this word as given, but otherwise only this image may be used and not any other text typed or otherwise).

›› You will have to make an icon from this provided image of your Idol which has represented you throughout this round: Chinen Yuuri and Nishikido Ryo.
›› Your icon will have to be desaturated, meaning only black, white and shades of gray are allowed in the icon.
›› Your icon will have to feature a crop ONLY of the Idol which has represented you. Meaning in the crop of the idol from the image provided, you musn't be able to tell that there was supposed to be another individual in the original image. This is acceptable (the white area behind Sho was Aiba but you can't tell it's Aiba/a person, therefore acceptable) but this isn't.
›› Your icon will have to include text in english, the name of the idol "Chinen Yuuri" and "Nishikido Ryo".
›› BONUS: In accordance to what we did for the first round, out of the two finalists, the icon for this theme which wins the most favourites, will be design of the Idol icons (i.e. the ones xenylamine has been using for all the result tally posts) for the next round!

Remember, you do not have to make an icon featuring your chosen Idol-character representing you during this challenge. Your icon merely has to satisfy either of the themes set for the week, featuring any JE boy.

The deadline for this challenge is Monday, 29th of June, at 8.00PM EDT [-4:00 GMT].
Please use a timezone convertor to ensure that you've got the right date/time.
You cannot use a bye [skip] for this challenge, if you do not submit you will be disqualified!

Please submit with your friendly neighbourhood copy-paste box!

Please feel more than free to interpret the theme how you would like! We encourage wide interpretation. Be sure, however, that your icon fits the theme. If you feel that your icon may need explanation, please explain; it will help us determine the suitability of your submission. If you have questions about the theme or the validity of your interpretation, please feel free to contact us. If your icon does not fit the theme, we will inform you. You will have until the submission deadline to correct it.
Please ensure that all fields are filled up with the appropriate information, or you may be asked to resubmit your icon.

Please note;
• You may only submit three icons for this challenge.
• Your icon must fit the theme provided.
• Your icon must conform to LiveJournal standards; 100x100 and 40 kb or less.
Do not promote your icon, and do not post, display, or otherwise use your icon anywhere on the Internet until after this Round is over and the results have been posted, or you will be disqualified from the round. This includes telling your friends about your icon. You may not reveal your character at any point until the Round is over.
• We strongly recommend that you read comments for additional clarification of the theme, guidelines and interpretation. Very often, we will answer questions posed by other contestants and our replies will be left unscreened should you have similar concerns or questions.
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