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Round #002; Challenge #12: Voting

Voting has begun for Round #002; Challenge #12! This is the final voting in this Round!!

• You must vote for one icon of the best quality in each of the three sets. Please evaluate the icons based on overall technique and aesthetic quality, not personal preference (such as favorite color, or the icon maker you think made the icon).

• You do not need to give critiques on the best quality icons, but please do! Even at this point, iconmakers still appreciate feedback. Plus, there will be more material for the Winners' Showcase!

• Do not feel obligated to vote for your friends' icons, and do not get your friends to vote for you. Keep things as objective as possible. Please look very carefully at each icon while you are voting, and please double-check your votes to make sure you've used the correct numbers in your voting comment. Votes are not weighted, so order does not matter. We prefer votes in numerical order, however, for our sanity in counting them.

• Here is an example vote for you to follow (3 best quality);

   SET A;
   #111 - The cropping and coloring are beautiful.
   SET B;
   #112 - Good use of space and text.
   SET C;
   #113 -

   Please be considerably more detailed than this, however. If you need additional assistance with voting, please see this comprehensive voting tutorial. Please note that if we ask you to revise your vote and you do not, your votes will not be counted.

   If you would like, you may use the following code for your comment:


ANYONE MAY VOTE. You do not have to be a contestant to vote! We encourage as many people to vote as possible so that the results are as fair as possible.

• Voting for Challenge #12 will end Wednesday, July 1 at 8:00 PM EDT (01:00 GMT).


#01         #02


#03         #04


#05         #06

If you have any questions, you may ask them here.

Good luck to the participants!
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