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Round #002; Challenge #12: Results

The ballots have been cast, the votes have been tallied, and here are the results for Round #002 Challenge #12, THE FINAL RESULTS FOR THE ROUND!
Apologies for the slight delay, xenylamine has been busy over the weekend and I just got home. |D;;

Round #002 Winner;


Chinen Yuuri, a/k/a minamoto with 20 total favourite votes!

Congratulations! :D minamoto has done spectacularly this round, winning People's Choice twice, and finishing first out of thirty-two contestants!

Round #002 Runner-Up;


Nishikido Ryo, a/k/a mynamelessname with 10 total favourite votes!

Congratulations! mynamelessname has done spectacularly this round, winning People's Choice twice, Mod's Choice twice, and finishing second of thirty-two contestants!

Challenge #002;12 Results Tally;

icon #; +favourites (total points)

#01; +3 favourites
#02; +7 favourites

#03; +7 favourites
#04; +3 favourites

#05; +6 favourites
#06; +4 favourites (This icon's design will be used for Round #003 idol icons, minamoto please comment with your .psd file or textures/fonts/layers! Thank you~)

For reference, you can find the voting post HERE.

Round #002 Icon Makers;

This list includes everyone who registered for the round, whether or not they made icons.

Aiba Masaki: yoh_kun
Akanashi Jin: cariad_82
Chinen Yuuri: minamoto
Domoto Tsuyoshi: denwa
Fujigaya Taisuke: fukanou
Ikuta Toma: memorialhime
Joshima Shigeru: mitani
Kamenashi Kazuya: preciouskizuna
Kato Shigeaki: aya_3003
Kimura Takuya: sundaymorning13
Koyama Keiichiro: starmuffin_news
Maruyama Ryuhei: ayau3
Masuda Takahisa: jackie
Matsumoto Jun: pocco_moco
Murakami Shingo: medifruit
Nakamaru Yuichi: amaskuponthesky
Ninomiya Kazunari: omfgerbear
Nishikido Ryo: mynamelessname
Ohkura Tadayoshi: trickylady
Ohno Satoshi: dthnhi
Okada Junichi: kouzai
Sakurai Sho: berniechan
Shibutani Subaru: cinnamonstarr
Taguchi Junnosuke: joshua_glass
Tanaka Koki: lifeisbuttsuke
Tegoshi Yuya: bobbylyn_n
Uchi Hiroki: samuraiblues
Ueda Tatsuya: seishunlost
Yamada Ryosuke: shiyiu
Yamashita Tomohisa: elsaaaaa
Yaotome Hikaru: sugarsnapsxx
Yasuda Shota: rekkoi

All of the critiques and comments will be posted in the upcoming Winners' Showcase which I'm already preparing banners for, so you don't need to ask for them here.

The sign-up post for Round #003 will be posted soon, along with a poll on je_battle and a new voting tutorial in the making! Watch out for it and start promoting!

Thank you everyone for your participation and effort! Winners, please choose your prize from the prize section in the userinfo and email your choice to Jack at xenylamine at gmail dot com.

Comments to this post are not screened. :D
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